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Soluxe Club

+7 (495) 785-7770

Set for 8 persons 6700g





Sichuan beef cubes 0.5
Glass Noodle Salad with Crispy Vegetables 0.5
Moer wood mushrooms in sour spicy sauce 0.5
Kimchi 0.5
Spicy Cucumbers with Peanuts 0.5
Roll Calligraphy 1.0
Philadelphia Roll 1.0
Assorted Spring Rolls 1.0
Wok fried crispy vegetables 1.0
Crispy wok zucchini and eggplant 1.0
Assorted dim sum from «Soluxe club» 1.0
Tiger prawns in wasabi sauce 1.0
Roasted beef cubes in pepper sauce 1.0
Gunbao-style fried chicken cubes 1.0
Hot Marmalade Broccoli Seafood 1.0
Peking duck with pancakes and vegetables 1.0
Onion cake (gift) 3.0
Cranberry juice with lavender (gift) 2.0
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