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How to choose a Chinese restaurant


Chinese cuisine is one of the oldest in the world. She was born more than 3 thousand years ago. At the same time, the Chinese take food very seriously, for them the process of cooking is a whole art combined with philosophy.

At the same time, Chinese cuisine is extremely diverse, it can be spicy and hot-spicy or tender, here are used a variety of meat and poultry, fish and seafood. And, of course, the basis of the basics is rice, vegetables, tofu and traditional noodles. By the way, the Chinese almost never use salt. In cooking, they actively use soy sauce, which in itself is known to be very salty. In this case, no Chinese will not prepare dishes from stale products. Here are very careful about the quality of each ingredient.

But back to the question of how to choose a Chinese restaurant, so as not to be disappointed? What to look for in the first place?

Menu and kitchen features

In China, a lot of regional culinary trends, because before choosing an institution, pay attention to the menu. If it presents Chinese dishes from different provinces in a large assortment, you can be sure that you can choose food to your taste – spicy or not, from meat, fish, shellfish or even vegetarian.

At the same time, for example, Synchuansky cuisine is a huge choice of flavors, but almost all of them will be very sharp. This kitchen is great, but it is not suitable for everyone, including in terms of health.

Restaurant Location

It is important to understand that in the city center or in the most popular tourist areas, prices in any restaurant will be higher, and it is better to reserve a table in advance. If you want to eat tasty, but economical, look for places in residential areas. But in the case when you accept a status guest or are willing to pay extra for a great view, on the contrary, focus on restaurants in the center. And do not forget, just go will not always. The higher the status and popularity of the restaurant, the more important it is not to rely on luck.

Interior and Service

Everything is simple here. The more attention the restaurant owners pay to the Chinese-style decoration, the higher the likelihood that the cuisine will also be truly Chinese, and not a mix from different directions. Quality of service is also directly related to the likelihood that you will receive high-quality fresh food. In the restaurant business there can be no compromise.

Chef Information

True gourmets know that Chinese cuisine is a real art, because you will get the best dishes in establishments where the chef is a recognized master with the name and awards received at international culinary competitions. In principle, there is always a chance to enjoy excellent dishes and in a little-known institution with a chef who is just beginning a career. But if you are not inclined to experiment, it is better to choose well-known institutions.

Feedback from critics and visitors

Reviews – a popular tool that allows you to get a certain idea about a restaurant that you have not visited yet. Learn what critics write about the institution, they will definitely be able to give an answer as to whether the cuisine is truly Chinese. The level of service and impressions will be better conveyed by ordinary visitors on otzovik sites. But remember that reviews can be customized. They need to be approached with caution. The best reviews – recommendations of friends and acquaintances.

And if you have never tasted Chinese cuisine, but do not want to be fooled, choose a famous, status, popular restaurant. In this case, you, no doubt, will be able to get acquainted with real Chinese cuisine.