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Soluxe Club

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Banquets, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events

Soluxe Club

The concept of the Soluxe Club restaurant is ideal for events of any profile:

  • Chamber meetings or business negotiations, including at the highest level, can be held in VIP rooms with a capacity of 12 or 16 people.
  • For a family party or a small holiday, you can order a tea room (16 people).
  • In the summer, when you want to have some fresh air, a party or even a business event, you can hold it on a summer terrace (capacity is 60 people, there is a stage and large screens).
  • For a birthday party, an original Chinese-style wedding, a corporate party, a coffee break or even business presentations, order the main hall of the restaurant, which seats 100 people in a banquet or buffet for up to 150 people.

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Main hall

Soluxe Club

For banquets, birthdays, corporate and other public events the main hall is ideal, spacious, comfortable, made in the original style.

The interior uses the main sacred symbols of China. On the ceiling you will see the Lotus on the ceiling, as a symbol of the sun with tongues of flame stylized as dragons. The symbol combines purity, wisdom, love and harmony. And dragons symbolize the protection of the Energy of the World.

In the decoration – only natural materials, precious wood in combination with noble marble brought from Italy. All furniture is custom-made also from only natural materials – wood, leather, suede finest workmanship, velvet and Chinese imperial silk.

Main hall

Soluxe Club

The large rectangular hall is visually divided into two zones:

  • Podium. It symbolizes modern China – a combination of openness and ancient culture. In the ornament of the walls – the symbolism of Fire, the energy of motion and infinity, under the auspices of the dragon PICHU. Here is a fireplace, the fuel for which is delivered from China itself. A large panoramic window shows openness, and allows visitors to enjoy beautiful views of Moscow.
  • “Fish Zone” is a part of the hall, located behind a large aquarium, in which traditional Chinese “Arovana” (red dragon) fish, considered to be the talisman of prosperity and well-being, swim. Here there are also Chinese symbols on the walls, and in the decor there are numerous screens. And upholstered furniture pleases with magnificent velvety fur and elements of hand-carved wood.

In the version of the banquet hall can accommodate up to 100 people, a buffet table is possible for 150 people. Suitable for events of any type – holidays, corporate events, weddings, birthdays, as well as business meetings or presentations, including at the highest level.

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