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Soluxe Club

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Chinese Restaurant in the Center of Moscow


Chinese cuisine in Moscow every year is becoming more popular. Original dishes, an unusual combination of spices, a huge selection of fish cuisine and seafood – all this and much more attracts gourmets. As a result, more and more establishments are opening in Moscow offering different types of Chinese cuisine; real masters of cooking from the Middle Kingdom work in them. Designers strive to outdo each other in Chinese-style interior design.

But despite the high competition in the center of the capital, the restaurant Soluxe Club remains one of the best. One of the advantages is the location of the institution and magnificent views of the embankment and the White House, which opens from panoramic windows or a summer terrace. But in reality, this is far from the main thing, what attracts connoisseurs to a Chinese restaurant in the center of Moscow, Soluxe Club.


The kitchen of the restaurant is always on top. The wide choice, magnificent execution even of the most difficult culinary masterpieces made of high-quality products, is combined here with the fine wine list. Here harmoniously combines Chinese and European traditions. And because visitors can always choose something to taste.


The interiors of the common room, verandas and VIP rooms are also at the highest level. Natural wood, the finest silk, beautifully finished suede and leather, beautiful Italian marble. Chinese traditions are organically complemented by Mediterranean “notes”, creating a special atmosphere. Each element is thought out, has its own history and legend. Here, a magnificent fireplace awaits the visitor, “under the protection of” the fiery dragon. There is flowing water – waterfalls and a fountain – as a traditional symbol of comfort in Chinese culture. The arrangement of the furniture takes into account the traditions of feng shui.

Summer terrace

The summer veranda enjoys special love from visitors. Here you will find not just tables taken out to fresh air, but continuation of the comfortable interior of the restaurant, as well as a stationary stage and three large plasmas. Every summer there are concerts and other events. Yes, and the opportunity to relax in the fresh air under the rustle of greenery and the murmur of water attracts many residents of the capital, tired of the noise, heat, bustle.

VIP zone

Also here you can comfortably hold business meetings, including negotiations at the VIP level. There are three VIP rooms for this (two in the basement and one in the tea room on the first floor). They are comfortable, perfectly isolated, and the excellent cuisine and tea list will be a worthy addition to any meeting.


Choosing a restaurant in the center of Moscow for a banquet or party? Soluxe Club has all the conditions for events of any level, including receptions, business presentations or, on the contrary, original anniversaries and weddings in the Chinese style.

Take a look at the Soluxe Club – this is truly one of the best Chinese restaurants in the center of the capital, you will like it!

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